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Alright, let's get serious.

I have been getting really distracted ever since the last time I used this account or even worked towards my dreams and goals for the comic book and pop culture world. I'll tell you for certain, a lot happens when you're distracted.

Over the last four months, I have been consistently been doing obsessive compulsions and suffering pretty badly. I was suffering lots of pain over a personal conflict that I will discuss with you later on. I have been having a lot of trouble with recently, but the point of the post is to let you know some good news: I am officially coming back to get some serious work going on with my gallery.

To those who have seen before my empty gallery I will assure you that I will never abandon my dreams and goals. I will get my work out there, and I will evolve the comic book and pop culture world as we know it. As of this writing, I will start drawing and writing continuously starting tomorrow morning and I will ensure that I spare no effort to improve. It just took time to shake off some pain in my way.

I will specifically be working on multiple submissions to the gallery and upload them one by one when I am satisfied with the quality and the quantity. More important will be the quality.

So keep in touch for the submissions and we'll get some progress going.


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United States
I am an aspiring comic book artist and writer. I have been longing to create comics for a long amount of time as my interest in comics grew over the years. I have an account on CBR as Marvel94 and after getting various bits of advice, I have officially decided to get serious on drawing and writing comics. Joining DeviantArt is the first step to that. I will be posting various pieces of artwork here, but I need full support because I plan to actually both write and draw various comic book characters both new and original from me. However, I won't be making webcomics. I plan to actually make printed material professionally and make a living off of it for the sake of my passion. By the way, I am also planning to make video games, movies, and TV cartoons, so I will draw characters both existing and original from those mediums. Keep in mind that I am 17 going on 18 and I am still a high school student, so I may or may not post drawings in a set time with my busy schedule. I will let you know when I have posted a drawing. I will be drawing scenes, pin-ups, and hopefully pages. I don't entirely know how to draw pages, but if someone knows anything about that and other aspects of comic book creation, please let me know about an accessible source of information like a website or a video on how to draw comic book pages. If I do make pages, I will make them my own scenes and not a part of a story unless I decide otherwise. Even then, there won't be webcomics from me. I hope you'll like my art and wish me luck through this big path to success.

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youngdrawer Jul 6, 2013   Digital Artist
Keep practicing!
RodrigoBrito Jul 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I need the strength of all Deviants, together we will achieve this victory, is a vote of Arts in Facebook, you just need a "Like"
I'm sure that with your help we will make victory a reality :la:
Vote here -> [link]

Thank you so much for the help! :hug:
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