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I'll be offering commissions soon for you guys, but in the meantime I need some help with something. I'm creating a voice cast for my own dream versions of existing franchises. I have been able to find only very few voice actors so far entirely new to each character (like they've never voiced that character before). I've been mostly looking at voice actors I already know (which is actually more than limited), but I'm having difficulty coming up with new void actors for these characters. I'm looking for new VAs for MANY properties, but for now, let's focus on the following properties:

Justice League
GI Joe
COPS (lost great 80s cartoon from Hasbro)
MASK (lost great 80s cartoon from Kenner before it was bought by Hasbro)

If you can, let me know of a way to find voice actors who would suit a role for a character besides Thanks.
For those who don't know, I'm enrolled in the Advanced Media Vocational Academy (AMVA) in Glendale, CA. I'm learning more about animation and I'm getting better with my artwork. That's just one improvement I'm getting.

I'm glad to see people are talking to me in the forums and replying to me recently. I have been talking to people on this site and getting advice and I must say, it's great. Hopefully you'll respond to my ideas for my own dream products in media franchises because I'm planning to post some here.

I just want to know if posting them here will assure me protection of these ideas. These aren't original ideas, but these are ideas I have for new media in each franchise I know. I don't want people taking credit for developing any of these works for any of these franchises from me. So please let me know if I'm guaranteed safety with these ideas and if I am, I'll bring them out. Just please comment. Thanks.
Today I just saw this phenomenal Voltron test footage for what was supposed to be a 2005 remake of Lion Voltron taking cues from the Devil's Due comic. It looked awesome, it WAS awesome, and the art style was actually pretty comic-book-like. It had all this detail in comic book style, which would have made this a good compliment to TMNT2003 and MOTU2002 if it ever went through. So my topic on my craft is this: how can I create a design style as comic-book-looking as that? Particularly, I'm trying to convert David Finch's and Jim Lee's art into animation styles to create visuals for some of my Marvel and DC animation universe concepts. And if you can, please see them and give feedback when I post them? Thanks in advance.
KombatMaster94's Animation Creation Influence Map by KombatMaster94
KombatMaster94's Animation Creation Influence Map
I thought I'd show you the kind of art and writing that I would use for animation projects I would work on. This is about my dream career and what kinds of work I would do and I'll get to doing influence maps on comics, games, and movies too. This is how it works:

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (1), Wolverine and the X-Men (2), and The Spectacular Spider-Man (3) are the three cartoons that have the most influence of writing action cartoons based on comics and 80s properties. The Avengers: EMH included costumes, continuity references, adapted storylines from the comics, and homages to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (like shots of Iron Man's face inside his helmet). Also, TSSM had shots taken directly from the movies as well as shots as well as one moment from the comics (when Spider-Man breaks free from chunks of metal on top of him). Both had PHENOMENAL portrayals of the characters and had good voice choices. WATXM had the different approach to modify their universe with character relationships changed and Wolverine being the leader, but it was overall very honest to traditional X-Men storytelling. If I wanted to do a different version of any comic or 80s property, the approach used for WATXM and GI Joe: Renegades (where GI Joe was a team of fugitives trying to clear their name) would be my preferred choice.

The Batman (4) is just one part of my art style influence for animation (the others being the previous three). Really, I'm into modern non-anime-influenced animation art styles. This and the previous three shows are my major art influences as far as animation goes.

I haven't really gotten to studying CGI animation, but as far as CGI cartoons on TV are concerned, Transformers Prime (5) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 (6) are my shows of choice for my influence on my art. There's a good shape variety in both shows as far as I've seen, and TMNT2012 has a good influence on my writing of action/comedy hybrid shows. It's smart and (mostly) cute humor with the chibi expressions only the Turtles make and the image and sound effects used.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002) (7) and TMNT2003 (8) are a good influence for how I'd design darker cartoons (preferably those based on early Image comics, if the time comes). The things in each show that stand out is all the detail in MOTU2002 and the dark shadows in TMNT2003. Put that together and you'd get a visual style as close to comic books as possible for traditional animation.

For animated movies, I would count Aladdin (9), Hercules (10), Mulan (11), Tarzan (12), Shrek (13), and Madagascar (14) as good reference for making animated features. This is mostly due to the clever humor from Shrek and Madagascar with pop culture references and hip tone and mature tone of the other four. The ideal animated movie I'd make would feature a combination of both formulas with celebrity guest stars voicing sidekicks, original or licensed background music, and original stories (not based on legends or fairy tales). For making adult animated movies, there's no better inspiration for me than Heavy Metal 2000 (15). In general, this, the original, and other animated sci-fi/fantasy movies were not for kids and had many creative ideas thrown in. This is what I know for these kinds of movies in general, and this is overall a crucial part of my influence in animation in general, especially making mature cartoons; my goal in animation with my works (and mostly one of my original works) is to cement the fact to the public that animation is not a kids' medium. I would make TV-PG and TV-14 shows that pushed their ratings so hard it would get shocking, maybe controversial, and overall extremely popular.

Now when it comes to comedy cartoons, I like the ones that offer unique situations, and crazy, over-the-top moments that on top of being funny are exciting. Nickelodeon shows like Invader Zim (16), My Life as a Teenage Robot (17), The Fairly Oddparents (18), The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron (19), T.U.F.F. Puppy (20), and SpongeBob Squarepants seasons 2-3 (21) have such moments. Others from Cartoon Network include The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (22), Dexter's Laboratory seasons 1-2 (23), and Johnny Bravo seasons 2-3 (24). Each has their own tone and style from Zim's and Billy and Mandy's dark humor to Fairly Oddparents' pop culture references and smart humor mixed with heart. As far as I know and have seen, TUFF Puppy and Teenage Robot have light-hearted humor (though TUFF Puppy's humor is more silly and overblown) and Spongebob has so much innuendo and zany humor and visual effects (like the fish reporter) that it's really enjoyable. Jimmy Neutron, Johnny Bravo, and Dexter's Laboratory have entire segments that are parodies of famous movies as well as references to significant topics not known universally (like the Justice Fruit Pies being a parody of Marvel and DC Comics pastry ads in the 70s and 80s), and crazy moments of funny and awesome. For all that they offer, these shows are all the big influence for writing animated comedy.

Finally, there is Megas XLR (25). This is THE ideal action-comedy hybrid. The particular thing I liked the most about its humor was the cutaways. They're clever, they're awesome, and they show the personalities of Coop and Jamie so well (from Coop wanting to play arcade games in Vegas to Jamie enjoying being with women as a tentacle mutant). And of course, they both get in trouble sometimes.

More influence maps are to come for other mediums, so stay tuned.

Original Template by: fox-orian
Modifications by: Me
I know I'm in bad shape, and frankly I'm starting to realize why.

For my time in deviantArt, I have posted deviations that have had views but no comments (except for two early ones), and I am basically ignored when it comes to me showing I can do anything.

I mentioned when I joined DA that I would be the next great creator in comics. Since then, that has escalated into becoming the next great MEDIA creator; not just comics, but animation, video games, and movies. I would make my own media conglomerate, make my own dream versions of popular franchises, and make my own big franchises.

But let's look at the facts. I have poor executive skills. I have limited ability to apply responsibility. I AM A COLLEGE STUDENT WHO HAS HAD A HISTORY OF OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE DISORDER THAT MADE ME AN UNDERACHIEVER FOR FOUR YEARS. It also got me out of the Animation Academy and the Advanced Media Vocational Academy. And I don't draw and write as much as I should. I remember the skills, but I don't remember to do that when I say I will sometimes and it definitely shows in my empty-for-now gallery.

Still, I won't give up. I could lecture about it for the sake of artists who are ready to quit and new artists who need this advice, but I already did that last night. It was a late speech, but I hope people see it and reply to it.

Here's the link:… 

And my comment is on the top of the comments. I hope people learn from this.

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Everyone, I haven't done a journal in a while but my conscience was telling me I had to write this down so here it is.

I was at TV Tropes reading about a hospiced girl who saw the movie Up after a Pixar employee mailed a DVD of it to her. This was before the movie came out on DVD; the employee made the DVD and sent it to her without making it a publicity stunt. Pixar made her wish come true just for the sake of it. This made me feel sad since I paid attention to how the girl was hospiced, and I imagined a few things of great meaning after that.

I learned I could tell my kids and grandkids the story of how I recently started an effort to improve all of my problems to become mature, independent, and fully capable of behaving and functioning like everyone else. I stopped doing compulsions, started practicing hygiene commonly, stopped stimming (playing with my hands), stopped eating sweets, and started an ongoing effort to follow my dreams and goals in the entertainment industry and become someone I never was before and do the things I always could have done but never did. I was unwilling to make this change earlier, but I'm glad I'm doing it now. I am 20 years old now and I'm glad I'm making this change. This story will inspire my family's future generations, perhaps the world, to make a change for themselves for the better like I did.

Another thing I learned was something from TV Tropes about art: art is not making you feel good. It's making you feel. I did not initially understand what it meant, but I figured it meant feeling for all that is good and for lessons that make these good things possible. I remembered that most of my ideas I have for entertainment media are thematic; they have lessons and meanings to them. And while I won't give examples, I will tell you it's true that my work is thematic. So my art, as I leaned, is about making people feel for good things and the lessons making them possible. As a creator, I encourage all other prospective creators not to do work for money, but for five things with this mindset I have: the critics, the industry, the consumers, the art, and the fans. That's who I will serve as a creator.

So, I hope you learn from this. And maybe get inspired.


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I am an aspiring comic book artist and writer. I have been longing to create comics for a long amount of time as my interest in comics grew over the years. I have an account on CBR as Marvel94 and after getting various bits of advice, I have officially decided to get serious on drawing and writing comics. Joining DeviantArt is the first step to that. I will be posting various pieces of artwork here, but I need full support because I plan to actually both write and draw various comic book characters both new and original from me. However, I won't be making webcomics. I plan to actually make printed material professionally and make a living off of it for the sake of my passion. By the way, I am also planning to make video games, movies, and TV cartoons, so I will draw characters both existing and original from those mediums. Keep in mind that I am 17 going on 18 and I am still a high school student, so I may or may not post drawings in a set time with my busy schedule. I will let you know when I have posted a drawing. I will be drawing scenes, pin-ups, and hopefully pages. I don't entirely know how to draw pages, but if someone knows anything about that and other aspects of comic book creation, please let me know about an accessible source of information like a website or a video on how to draw comic book pages. If I do make pages, I will make them my own scenes and not a part of a story unless I decide otherwise. Even then, there won't be webcomics from me. I hope you'll like my art and wish me luck through this big path to success.


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