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What Hero Team and Government Support Organization Would You Prefer? 

1 deviant said Autobots/NEST
No deviants said Avengers/SHIELD
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I've been thinking about this for a while, so I've decided to post my journals here. If you comment on them, I'll comment on your latest journals. Also, one of them is a collection of many of my ideas. If you comment on it, please leave a comment about how you think about a specific idea. Thanks.

Deviantart QuestionnaireI noticed some other users on this site were getting questionnaires like this done so I thought about catching up for some time. Unlike a lot of things that I plan to do, this I'll actually finish. 
Why don't you finish all the things you plan to do?That's because I'm very focused on more major and immediate tasks at hand. I know I've said many things that were never done, but I'm certainly focused on the major things going on in my life. That includes my career as a creator. I may not have a definite plan to start my career, but the closest things I have are getting my Vanguard short published to get money for my company and finish learning so I can get employment at Marvel Animation.What is your favorite genre in writing media to work with?From least to greatest the genres are animated movies like Shrek, TV comedy cartoons like Adventure Time, and comic book and 80s superheroes like the Avengers and the Transformers.What is your favorite genre of video games?

My GIANT list of works to make.Hardcast Studios 
Vanguard (Comic Book/Animated Series)- a government employed superhero team defending the Earth against a variety of threats while struggling with their personal lives and coping with their use of extreme force to ensure they do not become evil.Combatants of the Century (Animated Series)- a group of superpowered teenage martial artists who had each gained their powers from a martial arts master in return for saving him. They train in martial arts within a massive interdimensional dojo and protect Earth against an evil rival school/empire from Omaria. Omaria  tries to take the dojo’s massive supply of chi and take over the world while the Combatants learn to gain enlightenment throughout all parts of their lives.Star Patrol (Animated Series)- a squad of police officers patrolling the fictional city of Horizon City in the year 10,000 AD, particularly from a mobster who is a brain in a robot body while trying to
Octopus by KombatMaster94
This was an octopus drawing I did. It previously got praise and was said to be cute so I decided to post it here officially. Would you agree about the octopus being cute?
Here's some artwork I did earlier that I was finally able to scan in the computer and post to my I'd like some very specific critiques and comments. If you do, I'd like to give a fave to anyone who gives me either. 

Also, I know you may not see them. I'll shade, refine, and color them in Photoshop up at some point so we can call these WIPs. Thanks.
Scan 15 by KombatMaster94  Scan 24 by KombatMaster94 Scan 25 by KombatMaster94   Scan 23 by KombatMaster94  Scan 26 by KombatMaster94 Scan 20 by KombatMaster94 Scan 21 by KombatMaster94   Scan 29 by KombatMaster94 Scan 31 by KombatMaster94 Scan 30 by KombatMaster94 Scan 33 by KombatMaster94 Scan 34 by KombatMaster94 Scan 18 by KombatMaster94 Octopus by KombatMaster94 
I've been hearing a lot of advice about learning anatomy lately. I've also been hearing about shading and perspective, and that my artwork wasn't great. I was even asked if I ever had a formal art class. 

The answer to that is yes. I've had plenty of classes. First I had a basics of screenwriting class and a character design class last year at Glendale Community College. From January to August of this year I was enrolled in a vocational academy's program for animation. I didn't finish, but I learned art fundamentals, digital drawing, 2D animation, After Effects, character/background design, storytelling, and storyboarding. Right now I'm taking a game design basics class and a storyboarding class at the same college. 

From my experience alone, I've seen my weaknesses are the hand and foot anatomy, backgrounds, value, tone, color. I was passing my class at the vocational academy, but I never got to finish. It was nothing bad and teachers were fine, but the short answer is that I wanted to find a better experience with my learning. I'll get to Exceptional Minds sometime soon. I'll let you know how that goes. 

I just want you to know I've been studying and practicing, and the teachers I learned from liked my work. I just want to let everyone know about all this. I also want to know if what I learned shows in what I've posted here so far. 
I was thinking about talking to you about this last night, but I realized I needed a lot more learning to get all the jobs I want. Still, what I realized last night was that animation was the thing I could do best on. I don't plan to focus only on animation, not at all, but I want to know if anyone thinks my writing, storyboarding, and design skills are good enough for getting at least an entry level job in storyboarding, writing, and character design. I've done turnarounds, construction guides, scripts, background designs, and storyboards. The answer to that question may not be yes to some of you, but I just want to know for sure. 
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon premiere
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Dave and Buster's hot dog
  • Drinking: My medicine and supplements
I noticed some other users on this site were getting questionnaires like this done so I thought about catching up for some time. Unlike a lot of things that I plan to do, this I'll actually finish. 

  • Why don't you finish all the things you plan to do?
    • That's because I'm very focused on more major and immediate tasks at hand. I know I've said many things that were never done, but I'm certainly focused on the major things going on in my life. That includes my career as a creator. I may not have a definite plan to start my career, but the closest things I have are getting my Vanguard short published to get money for my company and finish learning so I can get employment at Marvel Animation.
  • What is your favorite genre in writing media to work with?
    • From least to greatest the genres are animated movies like Shrek, TV comedy cartoons like Adventure Time, and comic book and 80s superheroes like the Avengers and the Transformers.
  • What is your favorite genre of video games?
    • Primarily the action genre. The subgenres I like are fighting games, action-platformers, beat 'em ups, RPGs, FPS games, TPS games, open-world games, and shoot 'em ups. I also like cartoony platformers, racing games, and vehiclular combat games. 
  • What have you been up to lately?
    • Aside from starting work on the Vanguard short's script, I went to Dave and Buster's today with my sister's boyfriend, Mike. He's a really nice guy who I've been able to talk to about stuff, and I also talked to him about going into online courses for media-making. I thought I'd do that recently, but he doesn't recommend doing it alone. It's a compliment to college. Anyway, I've also been starting my semester of college where I'm learning storyboarding for animation with Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, sculpting with ZBrush, 3D animation in Maya, and game development with Unity. I particularly found the Maya class fun because it was actually pretty easy.
  • How much good food do you find and how much of it do you eat? What's your favorite place?
    • Trust me, there is literally no place I can find besides Yoshinoya that doesn't have good food. I can name pretty much all the places for outside food imaginable. McDonald's, Burger King, Panda Express, Del Taco, Ben and Jerry's, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa John's, Wienerschnitzel, Denny's, Red Robin, Hometown Buffet...see, it took forever didn't it? Yeah. I don't have a favorite food place at all because where I go is where I know there's good food. I don't go to any local place because I feel they're sketchy, but that's fine. I love what I take. As for how much I could eat, I could eat up to three-four plates in a buffet (including dessert), and have meals with one main course, two-three sides, and dessert. Isn't that a lot? LOL.
  • Do you have a favorite in anything at all?
    • I really don't choose favorites. What matters is that everything I find is great. Whether its media franchises or food, I know lots of things I love that I can get my hands on. 
  • What sports would you like to participate in?
    • Remember the Animated Reality shorts from Marvel Universe (the block of Marvel shows on Disney XD)? They covered sports like parkour, martial arts, slack lining, trampoline jumping, archery, etc. They had demonstrations of the sports where they compared them to the action of heroes like Spider-Man (slack lining), and Captain America (parkour). I'd take all these sports, but that's just for my spare time. Speaking of exercise, I go to the YMCA gym once in a while where they have elliptical machines where I watch videos. I also go to a gym in Glendale called Glendale Fighting Club (GFC) where Ronda Rousey trains. I expect to see her on Saturdays, and my trainer, Edmond Tarverdyan, trained Ronda. I hope she plays Captain Marvel! :)
  • How broad are your interests? Why are they so broad or not?
    • My interests are actually kind of limited. That's because I'm autistic, and as a part of that, I find just few interests. However, I do manage to find new things to see from what I'm already interested in. Sometimes when that happens, I rewatch them commonly. Other times, I even find new things that I like and go back to often.
  • What's one thing people don't know you're interested in? Would you put in your work in your career? How would you do it?
    • Well I really hope I'm not offending anybody or doing anything wrong, but that one thing people don't know about me is that I enjoy watching naked women-both live action and animated (mostly drawn). Yes, I would put this in my career. By having a scene where a major female character is naked onscreen, even if the work is a show on Cartoon Network, Disney XD, or Nickelodeon/Nicktoons. One example is to have my original character Kamara from Iron Maiden get naked in public and have a whole segment/2-part segment where she's streaking across the town. She'd be wearing clothes only in the setup and be naked for the rest of the episode. Another is to have Pidge spy on a skinny-dipping Allura in my Voltron show. I've imagined Pidge and Hunk to be pervs in my show, and Pidge particularly the one who has no girlfriend. I've also imagined Hunk would probably help Pidge find one, but I don't have much thought for that side of the story. However, Pidge does have a girlfriend in my Voltron show, but he'd probably not try to spy on her naked.
  • What are your greatest attributes? How will they help you in your career?
    • My greatest attributes, as far as I've noticed, are my herculean determination, my kindness and caring for others, my knowledge passion of the media and all parts of the industries I like, and my ambition...which I have been called evil for on one occasion on TV Tropes (though it was a joke). The determination will fuel me to find solutions to any problem I get stuck on, people will love and respect me and I'll make great connections (though I'll know when someone looks sketchy), and my great ambition, combined with all the things I mentioned, will lead me to a great path and many achievements. Along with luck and skill, of course.
  • What are your biggest challenges?
    • As I've mentioned in earlier posts, my biggest challenges include my obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), my problem behaviors like poor table manners and stuttering, and procrastinating. I mean, if it weren't for the fact that I focus on the most important things and tasks, I would be lost in life. And I also should start eating healthier, because I need to live long enough to see all my dreams come true. I should generally take my health more seriously. 
  • What are some of your favorite specific comics, movies, games, and animation works you like?
    • That's a long list actually, though just to let you know, I haven't seen, played, or read a lot of these. Most of these are works that I've read about and previewed and like based on what I've seen. Though I did see a few of these and liked them. To make it short:
      • Comics
        • Specific new millennium comics that I think were signature comics for Marvel characters in the 2000s. They include Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, and New Avengers.
        • The New 52 Justice League
        • The original New Warriors and New Teen Titans
        • New millennium comics based on 80s action cartoons like IDW's GI Joe, TMNT, and Transformers and Devil's Due's Voltron.
        • 80s M.A.S.K. and C.O.P.S. comics
        • Early Image Comics from Wildstorm and Rob Liefeld's Extreme Studios (sorry), Savage Dragon, Spawn, and Cyberforce.
        • Invincible
        • Selected storylines from Marvel and DC superheroes like "Civil War", "Avengers: Celestial Madonna", "Secret Invasion", "Blackest Night", and "New Teen Titans: The Terror of Trigon".
      • Movies
        • The Marvel Cinematic Universe (only I'd love to see dark Marvel movies and have all of Marvel's characters come to this universe)
        • The DC Extended Universe 
        • 80s action cartoon movies/Hasbro movies released in the new millennium (which need honest-to-the-source-material reboots despite what I like about them)
        • Cult favorite movies that deserve remakes, like Escape from New York, Bloodsport, and The Last Starfighter.
        • King Kong 2005 and the original, to an extent
        • The X-Men movies
        • The Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies and The Amazing Spider-Man 2012
        • Pacific Rim (not too interested, but I'd watch it if I go to Nickelodeon's Orlando resort-IIIIIN 4D!)
        • The original Robocop and the remake
        • Starship Troopers
        • The JJ Abrams Star Trek movies
        • Conan the Barbarian
      • Animation
        • Heavy Metal and its sequel
        • The Avengers: EMH, Wolverine and the X-Men, The Spectacular Spider-Man
        • Justice League/Justice League Unlimited
        • The Batman
        • New millennium remakes of 80s action cartoons like GI Joe Renegades, Transformers Prime, TMNT 2003/2012, etc.
        • M.A.S.K.
        • C.O.P.S.
        • Nickelodeon shows like Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents (before they went south), Jimmy Neutron, T.U.F.F. Puppy, Teenage Robot, and Invader Zim.
        • A few other late 2000s Nicktoons I haven't watched but looked up and heard about. They include The Mighty B and El Tigre. I'll probably watch these sometime.
        • Despite their cheesiness and excess dialogue, I think Disney XD has a pretty interesting roster of cartoons I could watch. Among these are Phineas and Ferb, Kick Buttowski, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Randy Cunningham, and Motorcity (which from what I remember doesn't have cheesiness or excess dialogue). 
        • Cartoon Network shows like Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff Girls (before they got ruined), Ed, Edd, n Eddy, Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Bill and Mandy, Adventure Time, and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. 
        • Bravest Warriors
        • Shrek and Madagascar
        • Disney Renaissance movies Mulan, Hercules, Tarzan, Aladdin, and The Lion King. The sequels I like are Mulan 2 and the Lion King sequels. Another good movie is Lilo and Stitch.
        • Robot Chicken
        • Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated and The Looney Tunes Show.
      • Video Games
        • Marvel Ultimate Alliance and its sequel.
        • Justice League Heroes
        • Grand Theft Auto/True Crime/Saint's Row/Driver
        • Destroy all Humans
        • Voltron THQ
        • TMNT Out of the Shadows
        • The High Moon Transformers games + Rise of the Dark Spark
        • Tekken and Street Fighter
        • Super Mario 64 and Sunshine
        • Rare games (mostly those on the new collection on Xbox One plus Donkey Kong 64 and Goldeneye)
        • Call of Duty
        • Halo
        • Racing and vehicular combat games like Motorstorm, Flatout, Carmageddon, Full Auto, and Twisted Metal.
        • Any movie/TV tie-in game that's plays well and/or is generally good, like the ones based on the Spider-Man movies, the Transformers movies, Young Justice, TMNT2003, etc.
        • The Dreamcast Spawn and Heavy Metal games
        • Super Smash Bros 
        • Obscure games like Gex, Fighting Force, Hot Wheels Turbo Racing, Stuntman, etc.
        • The 2013 Batman and Transformers arcade games
  • Do you know what people say about Rob Liefeld's art and writing?
    • Yes. I do. I will also note that aside from hearing that his early 90s comics are overly masculine and greatly flawed, I understand that some of the comics Extreme Studios made had a juvenile tone to them. Anything that's juvenile and made specifically with that tone or with the idea that cartoons are for kids makes me outraged. How do you think Dexter's Lab's second run, Powerpuff Girls seasons 5-6, and the Loebverse of Marvel Animation (under MOA and Paul Dini's rule) sucked so bad? Going back to Liefeld, I think the designs are actually okay (except those with all the pouches), and I do believe I see potential for the stories he published. I always thought about correcting his errors years ago, and that's what I'll do in my Youngblood show. Yes, I'm making a Youngblood show. It's gonna adapt only content from the original comics and improve their errors and it's gonna be made by modern animation standards.
  • How do you think the media should be run?
    • Quality should be as important as profitability in the ideal media world. Every remote piece of media, even movie games, video game movies, and toy-pack-in comics, would be exceptionally good. Crossovers should happen from franchise-to-franchise, even company-to-company. The fans should have a say in what they would like to see in the products, with polls, fan mail, and surveys being done to see what they would like. That's how I would run my company.
  • What are your least favorite things about how the media is being run today? What works are your least favorite?
    • Aside from the idea that cartoons are for kids, the greatest thing I don't like is the fact that people in high places in the industry aren't talented or ethical enough for their position. They poison certain franchises' capabilities in certain mediums like movies and animation. Some of these people's work gets extremely successful and that creates a burden for fans of the industry. These certain creators work exclusively for their profits, ambitions, wrong beliefs, and egos. The works that most represent this are Ultimate Spider-Man/Avengers Assemble/Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., Teen Titans GO!, and the Transformers movies. 
  • If you ran a production company, would you give a position to someone else? Which one(s)?
    • Uuuuuhhh, yeah. I'd give music/sound effect design, producing/budgeting, voice acting, animating, visual effects, programming, and editing duties to someone else. I'd be interested in directing, writing, designing, storyboarding, art, developing, and show running. 
  • What's 2+0.45167?
    • What a complex nuclear physics question that is. The answer's 2.45167. I should make wormholes into the 4th dimension now.
  • Would you support hunting animals?
    • No. If I ever made anything about hunting, it would be a game where you hunt animals with lots of crazy, destructive weapons. It'd be the game Captain Hero was playing in the Drawn Together episode "N.R.A.Y. Ray"
  • Do you believe in Cthulhu?
    • I used to think one entity in the Cthulhu mythos was part of an ancient mythology. He's not. And now that I know about the Cthulhu mythos, I would say I don't believe in any Cthulhu mythos characters since they're fictional characters made for literature. 
  • How about cryptids and aliens? Which ones are your favorites?
    • That's actually a very interesting subject. If people see creatures like the ahool (a giant bat), and the mokele mbembe (a sauropod reported in the Congo River), and if they're sincere about it they're probably right. Though I wouldn't like to see the creatures in person. As for aliens, I wouldn't like to talk about that. 
  • What subjects would you like to use often in your works?
    • I have four subjects that I'd like to use for my works. They include paranormal/extraordinary subject matter like the cryptids, the Bermuda Triangle, and the 4th dimension, Image Comics/Rob Liefeld, the Cthulhu mythos, and concepts inspired by the Heavy Metal magazine, movies, and games. 
  • What would you say makes you unique from other creators and creators-in-training?
    • It would be the following:
      • I would refuse money of any amount (even trillions) for the sake of my audience, fans, and all parts of the entertainment industry.
      • I really want to get all the things I want done in my career, but at the same time, I've been recently thinking about how much I can do in 50 years. I'm still sorting out a backup plan for when some projects can't be done, but some of the most important ones would be my own Marvel animated universe, a Justice League show based on the New 52 Justice League comic and DCEU, and a M.A.S.K. movie and cartoon (and maybe a few Hasbro movies, including a Transformers reboot).
      • I am willing to jump into the stars when it comes to making my work mature and complex, particularly for animation. As I said, I would put naked women in animated series I make, but aside from that I would make most of my action shows dark and edgy with everything needed for dark and edgy shows. I'd put out less-than-suttle innuendo about sex, drugs, and real-life issues on top of over-the-top violence and dialogue like you'd hear in movies and modern superhero comics. 
      • The first priority of any and all projects I make are the satisfaction of the fans, critics, and general audience as well as the commercial success of the works.
  • Anything else you'd like to say?
    • Keep an eye out for job offerings for my Vanguard short. It's gonna come quite soon and I want top talent for it. I know I didn't mention this before, but I'll do the storyboards and rough designs too, so when they're done, I'll get started. See ya there! :D


KombatMaster94's Profile Picture
Robert Misirian
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
I am an aspiring media creator seeking to work in comics, animation, video games, and movies. I will make my own versions of various preexisting franchises (dream products in all these four mediums for Marvel, DC Comics, G.I Joe, Transformers, TMNT, Star Wars, etc.) and make my own comic book relaunches of the Marvel and DC universes. I also plan to work on new projects for various big existing companies if new ideas come, and maybe create new ones for them to be used as projects.

I will also start creating my own cash cow franchises and money-printing companies and later merge them all together to form the next big media conglomerate. I have an entire list of ideas I created for these franchises, but I would not tell you unless you genuinely and sincerely wouldn't take it and claim you made it (sorry if I was being offensive this way).

I know. Ambition is my greatest aspect besides my kindness, my determination, my smartness, and my creativity.



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