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What Hero Team and Government Support Organization Would You Prefer? 

1 deviant said Autobots/NEST
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I thought once that since Marvel was bought by Disney and TMNT was bought by Nickelodeon, I figured I'd like to see what future mergers people would like to see in the media.

For me, it would be Disney buying Mattel and Viacom (Nickelodeon's parent company) buying Dreamworks and Hasbro. I imagine seeing new shows of Max Steel, Starcom, and Street Sharks being on Disney XD and Voltron, He-Man, GI Joe, Transformers, M.A.S.K., and a few other Hasbro properties having shows on Nicktoons. Most of those shows probably won't air on those channels (unless I successfully pitch them to their owners), but I'm a big dreamer and I know which ones will come true.

Let me know what mergers you think should happen. 
Kamara at the Beach by KombatMaster94
Kamara at the Beach
As promised, here's Kamara in full color. I know she looks like Julie from Heavy Metal 2000 but that's part of the formula for her show. The show's a Heavy Metal-inspired TV-14 rated show where Kamara, an alien princess, goes to Earth to stop an robot politician named Rit. She makes friend like aspiring rock star Billy Idol and his obnoxious prankster sister Tammy, and sassy redhead Tina. She's also accompanied by her seven-eyed mud companion Moke and her tough, no-nonsense badass Girge (who's called George on Earth).
Shape Construction Practice by KombatMaster94
Shape Construction Practice
Here's the first thing from my academy's workbook. This was an exercise to use basic shapes to construct figures. Really, I was doing good with this assignment and I was doing it all by myself. 

Anyway, this black-and-white drawing features She-Hulk, a cute robot, an old-school style cartoon cat, a cartoony muscular guy with a gun, a martial artist, and another original character named Kamara. She's the star of another cartoon I'm gonna make that's for Cartoon Network. More on that when I post a colored version of her figure in this drawing.
Doodles by KombatMaster94
Sorry I came late. I forgot to post my sketchbook stuff and I used my computer limit for yesterday. :( I know. I have poor time management skills.

Anyhow, here's my doodles from my sketchbook. It's a shot of Karai crying, female mouths done for practice, and chips from what I have in mind for a New X-Men animated series. The blue-haired girl is Surge (who I think is the cutest here), the black-haired one is X-23, the spiky-haired guy is Hellion, the silver girl is Mercury, and the rock guy is, of course, Rockslide.
Words of Wisdom from Dr. Philly by KombatMaster94
Words of Wisdom from Dr. Philly
You're right they are. By the way, this is another of my creations, Dr. Philly. He's a mad scientist who always does scientific things out of his comprehension. This always leads to many great disasters which he doesn't always fix. This is gonna be a comedy  cartoon series, but this will be on one of my own dream companies; a TV cartoon network among the likes of Nickelodeon (except with more TV-PG shows).
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I'm so busy with my routines that I can't actually get to writing and drawing freely. :/ Though I am drawing digitally, and I'm even doing STORYBOARDS IN MY CLASS! YAY! :happy: 

Anyway, here's one thing I'd like to talk about, but please comment on it. I had no replies on my recent activity after I got talked to for a bit. Sad dummy  I want to tell you about what I'd love to see in animated media and related media. To sum it up:

. Disney buys Hasbro and from there, relaunches of Transformers and GI Joe would air on Disney XD as well as relaunches of obscure franchises like M.A.S.K, C.O.P.S, Inhumanoids, Action Man, and Stretch Armstrong and a movie-inspired Battleship cartoon. A block on Disney XD featuring Hasbro shows similar to Marvel Universe would follow.
. Marvel would make a whole animated universe with cartoons featuring the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Inhumans. This animated universe will ape the movies and adapt stories from them and the comics. The Marvel Cinematic Universe would introduce the New Warriors and Squadron Supreme, the teams I think would be great additions to the MCU. Cartoons based on them would follow.
. Disney XD would start airing Marvel, Hasbro, and Star Wars movies.
. Viacom would buy Dreamworks and Mattel and Nickelodeon and Nicktoons would air new cartoons featuring characters from those companies, including the DreamWorks Classics cartoons (I'm especially hoping for new He-Man and Voltron cartoons).
. 80s action cartoon movies would undergo a huge change that will start a trend of these movies done right. Honest to the source material with adapted storylines from the comics, Transformers, GI Joe, and TMNT would be rebooted with other 80s properties launching their own movie series.
. More good console games from Marvel.
. DC would make a new animated universe with Batman, Superman, Green Lantern,  and Justice League shows aping the DC Cinematic Universe and adapting stories from the comics and movies. The Teen Titans would get into the DC Cinematic Universe and have a cartoon come out in the animated universe after the movie.
. Cartoon Network rebooting the Cartoon Cartoons and Megas XLR with Dexter's Lab and PPG rebooted with a formula like their early seasons.

I know. I wish big. So please comment. Thanks.


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Robert Misirian
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
I am an aspiring media creator seeking to work in comics, animation, video games, and movies. I will make my own versions of various preexisting franchises (dream products in all these four mediums for Marvel, DC Comics, G.I Joe, Transformers, TMNT, Star Wars, etc.) and make my own comic book relaunches of the Marvel and DC universes. I also plan to work on new projects for various big existing companies if new ideas come, and maybe create new ones for them to be used as projects.

I will also start creating my own cash cow franchises and money-printing companies and later merge them all together to form the next big media conglomerate. I have an entire list of ideas I created for these franchises, but I would not tell you unless you genuinely and sincerely wouldn't take it and claim you made it (sorry if I was being offensive this way).

I know. Ambition is my greatest aspect besides my kindness, my determination, my smartness, and my creativity.



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